Results 1 to 10 of Still have people calling in with Dlink dsl’s: The ISP support are not going to have any difference between your and one they supply.. There are 2 additional ways that you can determine your router’s IP address:. I would give my eye teeth to manage a helpdesk with all Cisco’s. Seems to fix a heap of probs. The old black one could be updated to a non-locked firmware..

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Thomson STv6 modem to home network Not necessarily. Cheers ADSL geek – http: Probably not even that. While we’re on the topic of Thompsons Yeah the manual is confusing.

What a dweeb Adsl geek lol. Cheers ADSL geek lol. Just how I like it. I have often bought AAPT tbomson on ebay. But really keen to hear what others say too? You’ll need to become a member before you can post. I just need to reset it back to factory setting?

It looks like this:. Thomson wireless modem By accountant in forum PressF1.


A router has the four ethernet ports built in. Revs Per Min writes I’m pretty sure it is but if it’s not then I could stop it happening.

Thomson STv6 modem to home network

Still have people calling in with Dlink dsl’s: It looks like this: So to answer the OP’s question, yes, all you need is a switch. All of the default usernames and passwords for the Thomson ST are listed below. From the chats I have had with Xtra helpdesk staff, they have been pretty impressed thomaon them. It should work fine. You are now ready to follow one of our other guides. Agreed the layout on the Thomsons isn’t the most intuitive, but hey, if you are thomsoj you do it by command line don’t you?

The time thomwon is 5: That for me is pretty high praise. That isn’t a problem but the correct way to get rid of it is login via telnet, and issue the command, system reset.

We have a large list of Thomson Passwords that you can try located here. Forgot Password to Thomson ST Tbomson If your Internet Service Provider supplied you with your router then you might want to try giving them a call and see if they either know what your router’s username and password are, or maybe they can reset it for you.


Thomson ST536 Login Instructions

Just one other thing, if I don’t buy it from the ISP, it would be straight forward to set up? T also called 6. Seems to fix a heap of probs.

What about the Nokia NI where the box was too small for modem, and they brought out the replacement in ish and it still was too small! Thomson STv6 modem to home network If it is a switch there will be 4 Ethernet ports in the back of it.

It only shows the ‘set up’ thing after a factory default too I think.